Avatar (2009)

Avatar movie
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Imdb rating: 7.9/10
If you are open minded, even just a bit, Avatar movie will blow your mind with it's graphic pictures, colors, imagination and is going to raise lot of questions and doubts about the way we live and do things in our world.

About Avatar

Movie tells a story about a life of an Earth man Jake Sully. Because of his brother's death he finds a new life on an extraterrestrial planet called Pandora. Magical sightings and connection to nature between indigenous people, trees, animals and other living energy is breathtaking and showing us the way we are moving right now.

Inspirational message:

Avatar meaning;

A manifestation of a deity or a released soul in a bodily form on earth; an incarnate divine teacher

Now, when the year 2013 is coming to an end we still couldn't bare if we found something like this script is really true, and if we saw other creatures for real. We would freak out. We would probably try to kill them to defend ourselves.

Most of us including myself are not yet ready to accept we are not alone, we are not only life in this great universe.

This movie is showing us where are we heading and it is opening us to different kinds of ideas. I gladly suggest for each person open minded enough to watch this movie several times every  few months/years because each time you will watch it you'll understand more. It is because you will be different each time you watch it.

Also watch it several times so you get use to idea of creatures and worlds like Pandora because deep down inside we feel like they really exist. And last but not least, because the visual effects and the story in there can easily inspire you to take inspiring action and act on your dreams and hopes.

This movie shoes human race exactly as it is. As predators. Fearing of all that is unknown to us and trying to destroy it. Fighting for a penny more and doesn't matter who we destroy in the process. But in the end we destroy ourselves. In our illusions we are used to do what we are told not questioning that our motives and intentions could be wrong.

This Planet Earth that we live on isn't our property. It is living and breathing thing. This truth becomes clearer every day. All plants and animals are too. We should try to learn again how to interact with them.

In the movie we landed on a magically beautiful  planet Pandora. And if that by itself wasn't wonderful  enough, we are taking that planets elements to sell it on Earth and make more money. In the process we are killing indigenous people.  Fear, ignorance and violence; that is what human race is all about at the moment. Of course aliens exist, and no wonder they do not have the need to make their appearance.

As they explained to Jack: „Killing the indigenous looks bad but shareholders hate one thing more than a bad press and that's a bad income statement.“

Concerning Education;

So the main character of the movie Jack is replacing his dead brother's avatar. That way is the easiest as they have similar body attributes and to make another avatar for another real soldier is expensive. So he had no previous educational experience of this, in other words he isn't programed to kill them and that is why his mind is open to other possibilities.

The avatar's body is very good interpretation of a vehicle that gets you places. Jack changes bodies in the movie. His cripple body is out of function when his soul moves into the big blue vehicle body. The soul or energy changes the body in the movie, and it is showing us that no matter what tho body is it is not us.

Finally Jack admits: „ Everything I got is backwards now. Right here (meaning at Pandora) is my real world and back there is the dream. I don't know who am I any more."

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