Jack Canfield - The Key To Success

How To Work With What You've Got - Jack Canfield Using Law of Attraction in Short Inspirational Stories

Jack has always had a dream of writing the bestselling book that will help others to improve quality of their lives. So eventually he did write this book. But it seemed that he wouldn't be able to find a publisher. His success seemd to be far away. He had the book, but not the tools to distribute it and sell it.

At first he was rejected by thirty three publishers. This is a really big number of rejections. Someone other than Canfield would find this as a sign the book is not good enough and would quit.

Jack said:"They told Elvis he can't sing and people said Battles were no good. Persistence is probably the single most common quality of high achievers." And he is right. It is so.

What Jack Canfield used to get his dreams up and running is one law of universe that is known to us all, but lots of us don't know how to use it. It is the law of attraction.

At the time Jack was making about $8000 per year. He wanted to try out law of attraction and make much more money than that. So he set a much higher sum of earning $100000 per year. He set it much higher so he got it he would know that this law really works or not. He says he had no idea how to earn this kind of money. He had no strategy or possibility to earn it. So what he did, he took the dollar bill and wrote 100000 on it.

Then he took that bill and glued it to the sealing above his bed so it would be the first thing he sees in the morning and last when he goes to sleep. Each time he saw the bill he used to close his eyes and imagined that he already had this money.

Nothing major happened for him in the next 30 days. He had no great breakthroughs. After about four weeks he finally had an $100000 idea. He calculated that if he could sell 400000 copies of this book he would earn this kind of money.

The thing is that the book was there before but the thought wasn't.

One of the secrets, he says, is when you have an inspired thought like this one you have to trust it and you have to act on it.

After that he kept attracting things and people that helped him to spread the word about his book. The end result was that he didn't earn $100000 but $92000.


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