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We can remember Nikola Tesla as one of the outstanding intellectuals of the world who paved the way for many of the technological developments of modern times.

Nikola Tesla was one of the greatest and most enigmatic scientists who played a key role in the development of electromagnetism and other scientific discoveries of his time.  

Nikola Tesla was born 10 July 1856 in small village Smiljan, Croatia.

Nikola Tesla; Eccentric and Genius

Tesla was an eccentric and genius. During his early life, he experienced many periods of illness and periods of startling inspiration. When working on projects, he would rarely write down plans or scale drawings, but rely on the images in his mind.

“The future will show whether my foresight is as accurate now as it has proved heretofore.”

Tesla worked in a number of fields, including electricity, robotics, radar, and wireless transmission of energy. Despite his breathtaking number of patents (more than 700) and discoveries his achievements were often underplayed during his lifetime.

His main contribution was in early models of radar, radio, AC current, remote control, robotics, ballistics and nuclear physics. Nikola Tesla was one of the most influential investors of the 20th century.

Museum Dedicated to Nikola Tesla and His Work

Today his birth house is his museum. It is worth visiting it as you can see how his experiments were made and read about his private life and work.

“The opinion of the world does not affect me. I have placed as the real values in my life what follows when I am dead.” Tesla


Tesla Museum at Smiljan, Croatia

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