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Have you ever thought about inputs and outputs in your own life? To be more specific; what are the the things, words and feelings that you input in your mind daily? For example, when people see you they can instantly tell if you work out or you eat lots of fat foods. In the same way people instantly can tell what you feed your mind with and what you think about when you are alone.

We all like to be surrounded by funny, joyful and confident people. Those people work on their attitude and are active in learning how to be irresistible to others by loving themselves and their life.

Those are inputs that make your body. It is the same with thoughts and words. They make your mind as well as body. The positive, funny and motivational words can make you stay happier, younger and healthier.

You feed your mind every day with the things that excites you, or if not that is what could be a good idea to start doing if you wish to create more of inspiring actions, good vibes and great experiences.

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Word inspiration, used by Ancient Greeks and in translation means <<breath>> or <<to inhale>>.


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