Rocky (1976)

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Imdb rating: 8.1/10
Rocky is one of the greatest inspirational icon in film history, empowering millions to go the distance with their dreams. This is one of the most inspiring stories of never giving up.

About Rocky

Rocky movie tells a story about a life of a Rocky Balboa. He is a unknown boxer, doing it just to survive. Accidentally he gets a really rare chance to fight the heavy-weight champion, Apollo Creed. He recognizes the opportunity and devote each day to train and win.

inspirational message

Sylvester Stallone wrote a screenplay for Rocky movie. He also acted in it, and for me personally not really his best addition as an actor. For me it was a funny attempt to act. So wouldn't call it bad but funny. In any case check this article to read how Stallone managed to write his screenplay while not having a job and having family to feed and bills to pay. It is pretty inspiring. We could draw a parallel between his life story and Rocky story.

This story could inspire a person not to feel  inferior comparing to some people who present themselves as professionals with lots of experience in the field. As we usually have respect for those people more than for ourselves and we give them credit that they can do things better than us.

This movie reminds me that we should respect professionals in the business, but always give the bat to new young people that are not in the system yet, and are not programmed to think the usual way the people in that particular business use to think and do things. Why? Well just because I  personally like to see new fresh things going on. Changes are always welcome especially in the system we live in, because it doesn't work.

Also if you are a young person, using your creative thinking this movie could inspire you not to be intimidated with your colleaques experience and reputation. Just do your thing be persistent and you will make it.

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