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Short Inspirational Stories of Sylvester Stallone - Breaking Mind's Boundaries

This is one of the true inspiring stories and it will show you how persistence, belief and dedication results in great success. This is a story about a men who believes his abilities and persistence can overcome all obstacles.

This is a story of Sylvester Stallone's road to success. Sylvester Stallone was born on July 6, 1946. in NYC. Due to complications during the labour, the lower left side of Stallone's face is paralyzed, including parts of his tongue, lip and chin.

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Tippi Degre, a French Women from Africa - We Get Emotional Seeing This And We Love Her For That!

Probably most of us who have access to any kind of media read about Tippi and her adventures in Africa. After being born in Namibia 23 years ago, she traveled to different places with her parents photographers. She made friends everywhere she went without caring what species or race they were.

We look at these stunning pictures with amazement.

By watching little Tippi in action we could learn a lot. For example she takes her insouciance to any situation she finds herself in.

What is our true nature? Is it what they teach us in school? Is it our nationality, religion and believes that we inherited from our parents? And if we were to find our true nature would we find peace within ourselves and other species living on this planet?

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How To Work With What You've Got - Jack Canfield Using Law of Attraction

Jack has always had a dream of writing the bestselling book that will help others to improve quality of their lives. So eventually he did write this book. But it seemed that he wouldn't be able to find a publisher. He had the book, but not the tools to distribute it and sell it.

At first he was rejected by thirty three publishers. This is a really big number of rejections. Someone other than Canfield would find this as a sign the book is not good enough and would quit.

Jack said:"They told Elvis he can't sing and people said Battles were no good. Persistence is probably the single most common quality of high achievers." And he is right. It is so.

What Jack Canfield used to get his dreams up and running is one law of universe that is known to us all, but lots of us don't know how to use it. It is the law of attraction.

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